Are you ready to travel this summer to your motorhome? Have you got adventures already booked? Before you leave, have you considered that motorhome theft is rising? Wheel clamps, a motorhome steering wheel lock and tracking systems aren’t enough to protect your motorhome. To learn more about how our vehicle security company can add additional safety measures to your motorhome to reduce the theft risk, get in touch today!

Reduce Motorhome Theft With A Bear Lock From Theft Stop Today!

At Theft Stop, we supply motorhome security devices called Bear Locks throughout the U.K. If you are searching for motorhome security, our professionals can offer security measures to protect your home on wheels. Not only is motorhome safety important for every motorhome owner, but it is also essential for your insurance company, which is why we provide the best leisure vehicle security products today.

Security features for motorhomes are second to none; currently available on the market, you can buy a “sold secure” motorhome with all the latest devices, from steering wheel locks to fully integrated tracking devices, and motorhome alarms won’t always protect your vehicle. If you want motorhome security tips, we are happy to discuss them with you, but first, you need to invest in a bear lock.

A Tracking Device and Steering Wheel Lock Is Not Enough!

Stolen vehicles are rising, with more and more professional thieves trying to remove your wheel clamps and steering wheel lock devices. Still, you can keep your motorhome safe with tracking devices, steering locks, and additional security measures such as Bear Locks. You need to invest significantly in your alarm system, security camera system, and bear lock to stop the chance of your motorhome being stolen.

Here at Theft Stop, we specialise in providing our clients who have motorhomes with an anti-theft device known as a bear lock. Do you leave your motorhome unattended? Why not read our motorhome security tips and learn more about how you can protect your motorhome today?

Plus, if you are looking for motorhome security, our electronic theft device is one of the best options for your motorhome, campervan or van to protect it from theft. Paired with tracking devices, you can ensure your motorhome security system is the best!

Bear Lock In A Motorhome

What Is A Bear Lock? 

The best thing about our bear lock device is that you do not need to be able to access wifi or a phone signal for it to work; it is a visual deterrent that will provide an extra layer of security for your motorhome. The bear lock is a device that works by a pivot lock installed into your motorhome, preventing the gearbox from moving and rendering the motorhome immobile.

Motorhome theft has increased over the last ten years, so we have begun a campaign to increase campervan security rather than relying on a simple steering lock to deter thieves. Insurance companies prefer you to have some form of campervan or motorhome security; choosing our team here at Theft Stop will help you get the extra security you need on your vehicle.

A Professional car thief will likely be deterred from stealing your motorhome should they see a bear lock has been installed. A good motorhome insurance company will acknowledge the bear lock as a premium form of protection, possibly reducing your premiums.

Why Would You Need an Anti-Theft Device?

Investing in a robust motorhome security system is pivotal for any motorhome owner, given these vehicles’ high value and susceptibility to professional thieves.

Being costly investments, motorhomes often house valuable personal items, electronics, and in-built appliances, rendering them prime targets for theft. Utilising a variety of motorhome security tips, such as installing motorhome alarms, a steering wheel lock, or wheel clamps, significantly enhances safety.

These security devices, including advanced motorhome tracking devices and wheel clamps, effectively immobilise the vehicle, thwarting the efforts of thieves to drive it away.

Equipping your motorhome with a steering wheel lock and window security film for motorhome windows fortifies it further against break-ins. But you can also choose a security device such as a bea lock; this mechanical security device offers extra protection when you leave your motorhome unattended.

The visual presence of steering wheel locks, tracking device labels and a complete alarm system will deter professional thieves. Your motorhome security depends on a working motorhome alarm system; it is the most critical aspect of vehicle security!

Such proactive steps in vehicle security protect the motorhome in diverse settings—a remote campsite, a storage area, or at home—and can lead to reduced insurance premiums due to the lowered risk of stolen vehicles.

This comprehensive approach to motorhome safety assures motorhome owners of their vehicle’s security, providing peace of mind when the motorhome is left unattended.

Motorhome Bear lock installation

Anti Theft - Exactly What Do I Need?

We have created a small checklist below for you to help with some of the things we recommend to keep your vehicle secure and insurance premiums low; your insurance company will appreciate you trying to keep your motorhome safe:

Cargo Locks

A visible deterrent can work well, but what if the usual deterrents of your motorhome are breached?  Our Bear Lock Cargo system activates when this happens to keep your goods where they belong.

Steering Wheel Locks

We recommend always having a steering wheel lock as they are helpful in the short term, but for complete peace of mind, you should always have an extra layer of protection for your vehicle.
We have been providing camper van security for some time now and are passionate about what we do.
We aim for every single campervan and motorhome in the UK to be secure and protected with our anti-theft systems, and we are building a fantastic reputation for our products.

Cab Doors

The most common source of entry to motorhomes for thieves is the cab door. You should ensure that this door and all other doors, including the habitation door, are locked after each use and when exiting the vehicle. For more information on how to protect our campervan check out our blog.

Contact Us

Is your insurance premium going up? Have you been subjected to a stolen vehicle in the past? Consider the different ways you protect your motorhome; whether this is a tracking device or an anti-theft device such as a bear lock, it will always provide extra security.

We are more than willing to help and advise the best way we can and can discuss the options available to you for the whole vehicle. It will stop a would-be thief from taking your motorhome or campervan.

Contact our team at Theft Stop today; let us stop your motorhome from being stolen by allowing us to supply and install your brand-new bear lock. We look forward to speaking to you soon. We can also provide Bear locks for Cargo, Van Security, and E-joy locks to protect your vehicles. Get in touch today for our prices.

Frequently Asked Questions On Motorhome Security

The best way to secure a motorhome is by using a Bear Lock. This robust security device immobilises the motorhome by locking its gearbox or handbrake, making it nearly impossible for thieves to drive the vehicle away. The Bear Lock’s strength and reliability in preventing unauthorised movement of the motorhome make it a top choice for owners seeking to protect their valuable assets. Its installation is a strong deterrent against theft, providing security and peace of mind.

To prevent your motorhome from being stolen, it’s essential to implement a combination of robust security measures. Use a high-quality motorhome security system, including alarms, tracking devices, and immobilisers like a Bear Lock. Install physical deterrents such as steering wheel locks wheel clamps, and secure window and door locks. Additionally, choose well-lit, secure areas when parked, and consider using a secure storage facility if leaving your motorhome unattended for extended periods. Regularly checking and updating your security measures can reduce theft risk significantly.

An anti-theft device for motorhomes is typically a specialised security system designed to prevent unauthorised access and theft. This can include various devices such as steering wheel locks, wheel clamps, alarm systems, motorhome tracking devices, and immobilisers like the Bear Lock. These devices physically secure the motorhome or provide real-time monitoring to deter thieves and protect the vehicle.
An immobiliser on a motorhome is a security device that prevents the engine from starting without the correct key or fob. This electronic system is designed to reduce the risk of theft by making it much harder for unauthorised individuals to start and drive away the vehicle. When the key or fob is absent or recognised, the immobiliser automatically turns off the engine’s ignition or fuel system, effectively immobilising the motorhome.