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Does your van insurance require the latest security technology installed in your van? Is your vehicle’s security important to you? Whether you have a brand-new van or even a van you have been driving for several years, van security locks are one of the essential pieces of equipment you can purchase.

But with several van security options available today, how do you decide which is correct? Whether you want to protect catalytic converters or valuables in your van, which we recommend are always on the passenger seat, we have the perfect product.

With a range of security features available for all vans today, including steering wheel locks and generic van locks, have you ever considered a Bear lock? A bear lock will improve security on your van without a doubt; with a wide range of van security locks available, get in touch with Theft Stop today!

Our team are more than happy to help you. Whether you need a van alarm system or a range of security features for your van, we can help you with all the security systems available.

Embrace Van Security With A Bear Lock: Unleashing The Power Of Advanced Protection

Van Security Solutions

We have provided drivers and owners peace of mind at Theft Stop through our Bear Locks for several years. As your van security specialist, we can help you; get in touch today to find more Bear Locks by a van Security Specialist.

We always tell our clients never to leave valuables inside their van, not overnight, but if you need to, we have the van security measures for you. Most vehicles come with factory-fitted van locks or locking wheel nuts, but these options can only protect you so far; you need a van lock that will provide all-around protection, which is the Bear Lock.

Other van security products and options will help protect your van, but they offer a different level of protection than ours.

Many van owners use lock wheel nuts to stop the risk of stealing their van, but we highly recommend a Bear Lock to protect your belongings from opportunistic thieves. Nothing is worse than stolen or power tools being taken; Thatcham-approved locks will minimise risk but not eradicate it.

The range of van security options on the market can be overwhelming, especially if you are trying to protect the rear door and reduce catalytic converter theft. Still, our team at Theft Stop is the leading van security systems company.

Discover the Unbreakable Security of Bear Lock

Having specialised in this style of anti-theft system for several years, we can provide you with your van’s security system at a highly competitive price. Stolen tools can be the worst fear of van owners, so we provide van locks such as the Bear Lock.

Our internal van locks assure you that your assets are safe! Major fleet companies have been choosing to work with our team for several years; you should, too!

Regardless of your van model, all commercial vehicles would benefit from an installed Bear Lock system; this will prevent your belongings and equipment from being stolen should the worst happen. Adding these additional security measures can protect your vehicle’s security more than if you have a simple lock.

The number of stolen vehicles is rising in all areas of the UK; using a bear lock as your van security option gives you and your company the best chance at protecting your van. 

Not only will this help with the safety of your van, but it will also help with your insurance costs.

Bear Lock For Van Security

Van Locks & Van Security Locks To Protect You!

When it comes to your van door locks, you should always choose a locksmith who is part of the Master Locksmiths Association, but when it comes to extra van security options that can provide a deterrent for thieves, you should contact our team here at Theft Stop.

Your van lock should be strong enough to protect your van from potential theft; issues such as catalytic converter theft are difficult to control, but protecting the items inside your van from opportunist thieves is crucial!

Professional thieves are much cleverer than we tend to think. Of course, when they find a Campervan unattended, they first try the driver and passenger doors and the rear door if they are still looking for a solution. You can take steps to protect your campervan or motorhome, such as campervan wheel clamps, but they won’t protect your van, such as our bear lock.

If a thief decides they want to steal your van or your catalytic converter, all they need to do is jump into your van and drive off; you might have precious metals, equipment or even medical supplies in the back of your van, depending on the company you work for, without the right level of extra security you aren’t doing yourself justice.

Van security products litter the market, but using a bear lock will give you the highest level of security.

Our team here at Theft Stop understand that the van you own will likely be part of your livelihood; ensuring it is safe and protected should be your top priority.

The standard van security options that come with your van when you first purchase it may need more to provide you with the level of safety you need to protect expensive items.

We can offer top tips and provide van security locks that will match your insurance premiums.

Bear Lock Anti-Theft Services

Check Out Our Reviews!

Siobhan Green
Siobhan Green
Read More
The guys from Theft Stop have been down today to fit their ingenious Bear Lock. Love that they were able to come to me. It did cost a bit extra but totally worth it for the convenience. We wanted to add an extra layer of security on top of the tracker we have but didn’t want any of the big and bulky options. There’s also the question of where you then store these when they aren’t in use. The Bear Lock doesn’t reduce my insurance premium and it might seem like an unnecessary expense to some but it’s the peace of mind it gives so it’s worth every penny.
Stu Collop
Stu Collop
Read More
Had our bear lock fitted to our T5.1 today, and am over the moon with the product, the quality of workmanship and overall service. Just having peace of mind of the extra security with what we have intended the van, is worth every pound spent. Met Andrej who was very polite, we did a vehicle check and noted any marks on the van interior & exterior prior to carrying out the work and protected the seats, steering wheel and gear knob.
Maurice Millanaise
Maurice Millanaise
Read More
Martin turned up just over a week ago to install the Bear Lock. He inspected the van for any defects before start of work protected seats, floor, steering wheel and gear lever. started work which took just under 2 hours for the Transporter. All areas were cleared and cleaned before offering for inspection and demonstration. A excellent job was carried out in a professional manner I now feel a lot more confident that the van will not be stolen.
John Smith
John Smith
Read More
Great company to deal with and a great product to protect your vehicle. Would highly recommend both theftstop and the bear lock. Highly professional and great care and attention taken to ensure no damage done to my vehicle - in fact it was cleaner after the install than before!! I’ll sleep easy tonight!!

What Is A Bear Lock?

With this unique van security system, we are confident it will protect your van from being stolen from your drive, load area, or overnight parking location.

Whether your van is left empty overnight or you keep tools in there, you want your van to be safe; having a bear lock system installed removes the ability for thieves to steal your van.

Paired with CCTV cameras and other van security products, you can protect your van; even though vans offer a higher ground clearance, we can also reduce the risk of underbody damage; choose bear locks, slam locks and more today!

A one-time installation system using a pivot lock is fitted with shear bolts and nuts into the van. These locking systems are incredibly hard-wearing and are made using the highest-grade materials on the market, with a spring mechanism that prevents your gearbox from moving.

The Bear lock will be permanently installed within your van’s bodywork, working with both manual and automatic transmissions, working much more effectively than locking wheel nuts.

Securing Your Van's Interior: Exploring the Benefits of Bear Lock and Other Internal Locking Solutions

When looking for van security locks, you should always look for the system that provides you with the most protection. Our team at Theft Stop will always recommend Bear Lock systems; they are ideal for over 2500 vehicles and provide security that other systems don’t achieve.

Simple To Use!

A regular lock can be used with a key, and so can a bear lock, but the main difference is that you can’t be replicated. To prevent the lock from being destroyed, the materials used to create it are tamper-proof; you can’t, for example, use a drill to damage the bear lock.

Damage Resistance

This system is installed in your van using sheer nuts and bolts, which are made of the highest quality materials and are almost impossible to break. Disassembling a bear lock will take several hours in a garage, showing how secure they are.

Highly Recommended By Experts

Experts confidently approve of a bear lock for van security locks because they don’t need a power supply, and you cannot work remotely either. Insurance providers view them as additional security, meaning they can reduce your insurance.

Contact Us For Van Locks Today

If you want more information about the bear lock systems we have available, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team today. Your vehicle’s security is important to us; you can protect your tools through tool insurance; let our team protect your van through van security solutions!

We are more than willing to help and advise the best way we can and can discuss the options available to you for the whole vehicle.

It will stop a would-be thief from taking your van. Stolen van rates are increasing dramatically with more and more people striking against tradespeople and any vans that look like they might have tools; in this case, a Thatcham-accredited alarm system won’t always help, nor will additional locks.

We look forward to speaking to you soon. We can also provide you with Bear locks for Cargo, Campervan Security, motorhome security and E-joy locks to protect your vehicles. Get in touch today for our prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bear locks for van security are specialised locking systems designed to prevent unauthorised access to vans, particularly from burglars or thieves. They are heavy-duty locks that provide extra protection for the van’s contents and deter break-in attempts.

Bear locks for van security typically replace or supplement the factory-installed locks on the van doors. They are designed to be more robust and resistant to tampering or forced entry. They often use strong materials like steel and feature complex locking mechanisms that thieves can bypass.

Bear locks for van security are typically designed to be compatible with a wide range of van models. However, it’s essential to check the specifications and installation requirements of the specific bear lock system you are considering to ensure it is suitable for your van.

Absolutely! Bear locks for van security can be combined with other security measures to enhance the overall protection of your van. This may include installing additional security locks, alarm systems, GPS tracking devices, or reinforcing the van’s windows and doors.