When it comes to your brand new van or even a van you have been driving for several years, van security locks are one of the essential pieces of equipment you can purchase, but with several van security options available on the market today, how do you decide which one is right for you?

Bear Locks For Van Security

We have provided van drivers and van owners with peace of mind for several years at Theft Stop through our Bear Locks. As your van security specialist, we can help you; get in touch today to find out more. Bear Locks By A Van Security Specialist.

For van security products, there are so many options for both external and internal van locks. Your main goal should always be to protect your vans, whether you keep valuable equipment in the back at all times, or you want to keep your van secure, our team can help you. Many van owners choose to lock wheel nuts to stop the risk of having their van stolen, but to protect your belongings from opportunistic thieves; we would highly recommend a Bear Lock.

Having specialised in this style of anti-theft systems for several years, we can provide you with your van’s security system at a highly competitive price. Regardless of your van model, all commercial vehicles would benefit from a Bear Lock system being installed; this will prevent your belongings and equipment from being stolen should the worst happen. The number of stolen vehicles is on the rise in all areas of the UK; by using a bear lock as your van security option, you are giving yourself and your company the best chance at protecting your van. Not only will this help with the safety of your van, but it will also help with your insurance costs.

Van Locks & Van Security Locks To Protect You!

When it comes to your van door locks, you should always choose a locksmith who is part of the Master Locksmiths Association, but when it comes to extra van security options that can provide a deterrent for thieves, you should contact our team here at Theft Stop. There is a range of security measures that will protect your van; you can choose from the most common types such as; steering wheel clamps, slam locks, window security film and much more, but a Bear Lock with providing you with an elevated level of security.

Professional thieves are much cleverer than we tend to think. Of course, when they find a Campervan unattended, the first things they try are the driver and passenger doors and a rear door if they have no luck. You can take steps to protect your campervan or motorhome such as campervan wheel clamps, but they won’t protect your van such as our bear lock.

If a thief decides they want to steal your van or your catalytic converter, all they need to do is jump into your van and drive off; you might have precious metals, equipment or even medical supplies in the back of your van, depending on the company you work for, without the right level of extra security you aren’t doing yourself justice. Van security products litter the market, but using a bear lock will give you the highest level of security.

Our team here at Theft Stop understand that the van you own will more than likely be part of your lively hood; ensuring it is safe and protected should be the top priority for you. The standard van security options that come with your van when you first purchase it may not be enough to provide you with the level of safety you need to protect expensive items.

What Is A Bear Lock?

We are confident it will protect your van from being stolen from your drive, load area, or overnight parking location with this unique van security system. Whether your van is left empty overnight or you keep tools in there, you do not want your van to be stolen; having a bear lock system installed removes the ability for thieves to steal your van.

A one-time installation system that works using a pivot lock is fitted with shear bolts and nuts into the van. These types of locking systems are incredibly hard-wearing and are made using the highest-grade materials on the market, with a spring mechanism that prevents your gearbox from moving. The Bear lock will be permanently installed within your van’s bodywork, working with both manual and automatic transmissions, working much more effectively than locking wheel nuts.

Why Choose Internal Van Locks Such As A Bear Lock?

When you are looking for van security locks you should always look for the system that provides you with the most protection. Our team at Theft Stop will always recommend Bear Lock systems, they are ideal for over 2500 vehicles and provide a level of security that other systems just don’t achieve. The main reasons to choose a bear lock for your van security is as below.

Simple To Use!

A regular lock can be used with a key, and so can a bear lock but the main difference is that you can’t be replicated. To prevent the lock from being destroyed the materials used to create it are all tamper-proof, you can’t for example use a drill to damage the bear lock.

Damage Resistance

This system is installed in your van using sheer nuts and bolts, meaning they are made out of the highest quality materials meaning they are almost impossible to break. To disassemble a bear lock will take several hours in a garage, which shows how secure they are.

Highly Recommended By Experts

For van security locks experts confidently approve of a bear lock, this is because they don’t need a power supply to work and you cannot work remotely either. Insurance providers view them as further security meaning they can also reduce your insurance.

Contact Us For Van Locks Today

If you would like more information about the bear lock systems we have available, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team today. We are more than willing to help and advise the best way we can and can discuss the options available to you for the whole vehicle.

It will stop a would-be thief from taking your van. Stolen van rates are increasing dramatically with more and more people striking against tradesmen and any vans that look like they might have tools in,  in this case, a Thatcham accredited alarm system won’t always help, neither will additional locks.

Contact our team at Theft Stop today, let us stop your van from being stolen by allowing us to supply and install your brand new bear lock. We look forward to speaking to you soon. We can also provide you with Bear locks for Cargo, Campervan Security and E-joy locks to protect your vehicles. Get in touch today for our prices.