Theft Stop Bear Hunt

Welcome to our Theft Stop Bear Hunt

We hope you have as much fun finding our bears, as we did adopting them!
Can you find them all? When you do – scan the name tag and see which bear you have found. We would love to see your pictures with the Bear – tag us #findabearlock

ZIGGY (short for Zygmunt Niedzwiedz)

The Polish founder of Bear Lock in 1991.



Meet DUBBY Bear – Wanted for not wearing his Theft Stop bow! Dubby is the oldest of our bears and where our journey began. When you need a bear to give you support and believe in you, Dubby bear is the one we go to. (He does of a habit of wearing his ribbon as Rambo or a Pirate…. How will you find him?


Meet DOC Bear Wanted for encouraging DOC members to spend money on Campers! Also brings, fun, adventure, support and more fun to anywhere DOC members go.


CAMPER BEARS (LOU & EM) Wanted for encouraging so many to travel and to enjoy Camperlife ! Can you Find Lou & Em with a travel map cape helping them travel wherever they want to go. PS The cape is big enough for a sleep out too!


Nikki MD Wanted for providing the perfect camper for our first Dubbed out- Easy to hire from MD Campers, home from home, child friendly and argument proof (Well the awning is!) What more would you need on a Camper Weekend, to have adventures and get a taste of camper life. ( Nikki MD also makes a great dog!)



Meet DIRTY Bear – Wanted for encouraging fantastic Camper van conversions! Named for Dirty Weekenders this bear loves nothing more than enjoying all the wild adventures a camper can take you on. ( He might be a little paint splodged from all this work!)


Meet North Bear – Wanted for all his North knowledge that he learnt from his Bear family At NorthView Customs. He travelled all the way from Scotland to visit and decided to stay! He loves nothing more than travelling and perfect bear conversions!


Elaina V Bear – Wanted for being the best to fix ‘ouchys’ and ‘hurts’! Named for the fab Nurse Elaina from Van_Fam_andme, Elaina V is our first aid bear. Always on hand to make things better with snuggles and love!

Yorkshire POP

YORKIE – Wanted for bringing the fun and joy to everything he does. Yorkie loves biscuits, travel, dogs and vlogs! Colin from Yorkshire Poptop Adventures may miss yorkie – he also knows is living the best life ever safe and secure with Theft Stop!


BOONY (Short for Goboony!)

Now our ‘Boony’ is wanted for taking all the puzzles away from renting your camper or renting a camper! With a quick mind, Boony solves all the challenges that can happen! With special training from Goboony, Boony can help you get started and is also fab for snuggles and watching camper van videos with!


This Bear is Special to us! If you have a bugbear about what we do or want to tell us how much you love what we do – Bugbear is listening. He will take you to our review pages on our website where your opinion counts!