The anti-theft effectiveness is certified by TÜV

Anti-theft systems are permanently installed in the car’s bodywork. By means of a pivot lock, this system prevents the gearbox from moving. It will work in both manual and automatic transmission.

We have great variety of different locks to fit over 2500 vehicles.

The dealerships in whole Europe confirm the effectiveness of blockade and recommend it as one of the most effective solutions for anti-theft protection.

For more information about the product and installation please contact us. You can choose our team for E-joy Lock installations, campervan security systems, motorhome security systems and van systems, as well as Bear Locks. 

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The Bear Lock security devices are installed in the car with shear bolts and nuts. Disassembly takes several hours in a garage therefore lock destruction is extremely difficult in different circumstances.

A lock can be easily used with a key. In order to prevent the system from being destroyed, high level resistance materials have been used. This protects Bear-lock system against tampering.

Simple to use!

Recommended by specialists!
Anti theft lock does not need a power supply in order to work, it can’t be remotely operated either. It’s effectiveness is proven by insurance agencies. Protect the equipment that you have in your car, campervan or even your work van today!
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