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We are celebrating our anniversary by putting fingers to keyboards and sharing some of the insights, life, and just the joy of what we do. Yes, we will have actual facts and figures, but we really wanted to share a little about us- and why we do what we do.

However, if knowing more about us – isn’t what you want- then keep a look out the sections we will have for you.


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Where are we going next?

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  • Week November 15th, 2021 – From Manchester to Yorkshire
  • Week November 22nd, 2021 – Doncaster to Scotland


Our chosen Charity is Victim Support. A charity that supports people in the aftermath of crime. People don’t always realise the impact that crime has but as we know first hand we thought this a brilliant charity to help make a difference.

We are running a prize draw to win a free installation. It is £2.50 a ticket and details below to order them.

There is also the link for the charity.

Email – info@theftstop.co.uk ref- Victim Support or message on our Facebook or Instagram


Motorhome Bear lock installation

 So, Meet Us!  Well, a little bit about us

Where to start?
Let me introduce you to the founders of Theft Stop – Jaro and Andrej.

A business team started through having one being burgled and vehicle stolen and the other not having his taken. This started the conversation and ta da! Theft stop was born!


Now it may sound easy but becoming the UK distributor to a product known throughout Europe and not in the UK has been challenging. Why hasn’t it been in the UK before? Is a question we get asked lots. It is literally down to the left hand/ right hand drive system. No one had been willing to do the work to make the product ready for the UK right hand drive vehicles… well until the tenacity (stubbornness/ vision… no let’s stick with stubbornness) of Andrej and Jaro.

They know the difference it makes not having the worry of theft, the impact it has and to be honest just hate the thought when you have worked hard for what you have- someone coming and taking it. They worked with the design and engineering team at Bear Lock to ensure that this system does what it says -stops theft! (Have a look on our website for all the technical info). Bear Lock as it is known in Europe is common practise to have installed before you even buy the vehicle-in the UK it isn’t. Theft Stop want to change that.

From cars through to campers the work is ongoing to get the perfect lock for your vehicle.

Some of the main comments Theft Stop have had from their customers- that make having this system in place gives them that night of not listening out for anything! As well knowing for out campervan customers they can carry on adding to their ‘travel home’ without worry.

As the sole distributor for this system- part of the joy for these pair has been travelling round the UK- seeing some beautiful destinations, meeting amazing inspiring owners and focusing on how they can make it possible for all.

The best feedback from customers has been the value for money, the practicality of the system, the customer service and the flexibility we offer with fittings. (The team have installed in workplaces, home, central locations and even their own drives). I know, they sound perfect. Jaro seems to bond with all the pets he has met, Andrej is a neat freak (you won’t even know you had work done he that tidy and organised) …they have done Tik Tok dance with the main boss ( 10yr old daughter) and they keep their promises – even when it is to sing on camera!. Does this make them perfect? no, but they are passionate about what they do and what they offer as a company. Which possibly does make them a little perfect (just don’t tell them that when they come to a vehicle near you.

Lastly – we all work, and appreciate how precious yours, and our time is- so we will not waste it. We turn up at the time planned and do the fitting as quickly as possible.

Yes, we can come to you at a time to suit your needs. We will never hassle you when you have a quote, and we believe in ‘no thank you’ if it doesn’t suit you now.

We are constantly developing our business and working to suit all the needs of our customers- please feel free to send feedback – it helps us improve our service to you.

Hope you enjoy the information we are going to be sharing

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