What is a Bear Lock?

Have you ever heard of Bear locks? More and more van and campervan owners are turning to bear lock technologies to protect their vehicles – and let’s face it. Your van or campervan is likely an exceptional vehicle to you, and ensuring it’s safe and well-protected is crucial.

However, the standard locking mechanisms included with the majority of van and campervan vehicles may not be enough, alone, to ensure that your vehicle remains safe and protected. With this in mind, you may want to consider investing in alternative security technologies – and the bear lock may be just the ideal solution!

Do You Know What a Bear Lock Is?

A Bear lock is a unique safety mechanism that prevents your van or campervan from being stolen. In most cases, if you lose the keys to your van or campervan to a thief, you’re pretty much doomed to lose the vehicle as well; after all, if the thief has the keys to your vehicle, all they need to do is hop in and drive away, and you may not know any different! However, the Bear lock system prevents this, offering an additional layer of security and protection for van and campervan owners. 

With Bear locks, your van will be provided additional security thanks to the technology’s unique, one-time installation system. The Bear lock ensures the gear lever is secured in place. As such, even if the vehicle is turned on with the key, the lock remains active.

What does this mean? Well, if we assume the worst and that a thief got hold of your van’s keys, they wouldn’t be able to put your van or campervan into gear – leaving them with a vehicle they cannot drive away for a quick getaway.

All the while, the Bear lock is straightforward to disable for the owner of the vehicle, too. So, you won’t have to worry about any awkward unlocking procedures if you have a Bear lock installed in your van or campervan; just unlock the gears, you’ll soon be on your way.

The Bear lock system offers an additional layer of security for your vehicle. What’s more, many thieves won’t even realise that they’re dealing with a Bear lock, to begin with – buying you more time to catch them in the act of trying to steal your vehicle.

Bear Lock In A Motorhome

Why Choose a Bear Lock? 

Why should you choose a Bear lock? Bear lock technologies offer many benefits, and we’d be here all day if we tried to list every one of these. Nevertheless, we have summarised several of the most notable benefits of the Bear lock system for your van or campervan as follows.

Why They Are the Best Choice For Your Van 

Some of the key reasons why a Bear lock might be the best choice for your van include the following points:

  • The Bear lock technology is discrete and neat and fits into the existing mechanics of your vehicle. As such, no drilling or mutilations are needed to install the Bear lock; in fact, it’s a straightforward process that will help your van stay safe!
  • Bear locks provide a massive 99% effectiveness on top of the security you already enjoy with good key management strategies. As such, even if you should be unlucky enough to misplace your standard van or campervan keys, the Bear lock can still offer additional protection for your vehicle.
  • Because Bear locks are made from reinforced metal and finished to an exceptionally high standard that adheres to both the German TUV and Dutch SCM certificates of quality, you can be confident of the highest level of protection possible. The reinforced metal also makes Bear locks tamperproof solutions.

On an increasingly regular basis, Bear lock technologies are becoming necessary for insurance companies to offer your van or campervan insurance. As such, it’s clear to see that these simple locks provide exceptional support for vehicles – and they may be worth considering for your van as a result.

Contact Theft Stop For Bear Lock Installations Today! 

If you have been looking for a way to promote your van or campervan security, then the Bear lock may be an excellent choice to consider.

Bear locks help ensure your van or campervan are protected and secure, all the while offering a tamper-free solution that gives you peace of mind for your vehicle’s security.

So, what’s not to love? Find out more about the Bear lock system and how it might benefit your vehicle by contacting a supplier; after all, it could be just the option your van or campervan has always needed. In addition to Bear Locks, here at Theft Stop, we also offer E-joy Locks. If you would like to discuss pricing or learn more about us, contact our excellent team today.