What is an E-Joy Lock?

Have you ever wondered what E-Joy locks are and whether they might be a valuable solution for your vehicle? If this is the case for you, then today, we’re on hand to summarise some of the critical features of E-Joy locks to help you decide why you might want to choose an E-Joy lock for your vehicle – and, critically, which vehicles you can use E-Joy locks on in the first place.

Do You Know What an E-Joy Lock Is? 

This is an understandable question, as many people may have only recently heard of these technologies!

E-Joy locks are unique and innovative vehicle security technologies that the manufacturers have designed to provide superior levels of protection for modern, high-end vehicles. Indeed, existing security systems can only provide so much protection for your car – however, the E-Joy lock takes security one step further.

The E-Joy lock prevents any unauthorised attempts to turn on the vehicle; the lock can only be bypassed with the key fob or phone app, meaning that anyone who does not possess these will be unable to drive the car. The E-Joy lock keeps transmission inactive unless authorised; this allows it to provide some of the highest levels of protection for high-end vehicles possible.

There are no switches, buttons, or keys; the E-Joy lock provides a discrete and straightforward solution that can drastically help to boost the security of your high-end car overall. So, what’s not to love?


What Cars Can You Use Them On?

We’ve outlined what E-Joy locks are, but there’s a notable restriction that we have to mention: E-Joy locks, on the whole, are only available for modern, high-end vehicles. If your vehicle is a little older or isn’t a high-end model, you may want to consider other options for keeping your car safe and secure.

So, what cars can you use them on? You can use E-Joy locks for a wide variety of different high-end models. Some of the models you can use E-Joy locks with include the BMW X5, the Peugeot 3008, the BMW M2401, the BMW 520d, the Porsche Panamera 4, and more. 

With this in mind, if you feel that your vehicle may be able to use an E-Joy lock, you may want to contact an E-Joy lock supplier to find out more about the best solutions for your own vehicle’s needs.

Why Choose an E-Joy Lock?

Why choose an E-Joy lock for your vehicle? There are many reasons you might choose an E-Joy lock for your car if it can support the technology; some are summarised as follows.

First, we need to consider the exceptional security offered by E-Joy locks. Because E-Joy locks are made to extremely high standards, it is challenging (if not impossible) for thieves to bypass them without having access either to the key fob or your mobile device. As such, so long as these are kept on your person, you should have no reason to worry about your vehicle being stolen. And, after all – E-Joy locks are only available for high-end models, and no matter how close an eye you keep on a car of this nature, it will always be a prime target for thieves looking to make a quick buck (so, don’t let them!)

We should also point out here that E-Joy locks are tamperproof, and to fully disassemble a single E-Joy lock would require several hours, even for a skilled individual. Even if someone were determined to try and steal your vehicle, they would be met with a massive challenge in any situation. In short, destroying the E-Joy lock alone isn’t easy, and this represents a further hurdle for thieves that helps keep your vehicle safe and secure. 

Finally, we should point out that the E-Joy lock is rapidly being rolled out for a growing number of vehicles. Even if your high-end vehicle isn’t supported by E-Joy lock technology just yet, that’s not to say it won’t be. Therefore, you should always keep E-Joy locks at the back of your mind from a security perspective, as these could help you keep your vehicle safe for as long as possible.


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If you have been looking to learn more about E-Joy locks and the benefits they can offer, today’s guide may have been of use. Indeed, we have covered questions such as why you might choose an E-Joy lock for your car and their pros and cons and which models of car you can use them on. Equipped with this knowledge, we hope that you’ll now feel a little more confident in making the right investment choices for your vehicle’s needs. 

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