Why Use A Bear Lock For Campervan Security

When it comes to getting out and about, having a campervan can be a real bonus, allowing you to travel to your favourite locations and destinations without any worries about finding a suitable hotel to stay in. 

However, while we all like to hope our holidays will be off without a hitch and will be entirely trouble-free, this won’t be the case for every holidaymaker. And with this in mind, ensuring your campervan security is the best it can be is critical. Fortunately, there is a solution in this regard. Indeed, the humble bear lock is one of the most versatile options to help secure your campervan, keeping everything safe and giving you peace of mind – no matter where the day’s adventures might take you! 

Our team here at Theft Stop have been providing the client with Bear Lock systems for several years; during this time, we have learnt a thing or two about why you should always have one instilled in your campervan.

What Is A Bear Lock?

First of all, we need to consider what a bear lock is. A bear lock is a unique, one-time installation for your campervan, providing an additional locking mechanism. 

The extra layer of campervan security that the beat lock offers ensures that, even in the worst-case scenario of their getting hold of your campervan keys, they’ll be unable to drive the vehicle away without first disability the bear lock functionality. You can have confidence while on the go that your campervan will stay a lot safer, and even if you lose your keys during one of the excursions, all won’t be lost just yet! 

How does the bear lock work? By securing your vehicle’s gear lever in a neutral position, any thieves will be unable to put your camper in gear unless they have both the bear lock key and the vehicle’s keys. This, in turn, gives an uncompromising extra level of security that helps keep your campervan’s security as high as possible.

What Are The Safety Benefits?

So, we’ve briefly clarified what a bear lock is and how it can work for your campervan’s security – but what specific benefits do invest in a bear lock provide? While the exact benefits vary from person to person depending on how often you use your campervan, where you take it, and the like, we’ve outlined some of the most apparent benefits of bear locks. 

Discrete Technology

One of the most apparent security benefits of the bear lock technology is its discrete and unassuming design, which ensures the lock blends seamlessly into your vehicle’s existing systems. 

Indeed, unlike many other technologies, the bear lock has been designed to be hard to see – which ensures that, even if a thief does get hold of your campervan, they’ll struggle to work out why it’s not starting when they turn the key. And, even if they do manage to work out where the bear lock is, they’ll still have wasted a good few minutes in doing so – which buys you precious time to get support and stop them from stealing your campervan! 

Effective Campervan Security 

Your campervan is a valuable piece of equipment, making it a prime target for thieves. Fortunately, the high-quality craftsmanship of the bear lock ensures that you receive practical and reliable security support for your campervan without compromise. It is claimed that the bear lock can provide a whopping 99% effectiveness in addition to your standard security systems, making it a precious and practical option overall. 

Tamper-proof Solutions for your campervan

A sound security system is only as good as its ability to resist tampering – but, fortunately, this is something that the bear lock excels at. Indeed, the bear lock is made from premium-quality, ultra-durable, fully reinforced metal and adheres to both the Dutch SCM and the Germa TUV quality certifications. This, coupled with the bespoke design, ensures that every bear lock is fully tamper-proof and almost impossible to break off. This gives your vehicle the highest possible level of security – and helps you stay confident overall. 

Often A Necessity For Campervan Insurance – Ensuring You Are Protected In Any Scenario 

Ensuring that you have the most effective solutions in place is crucial for your campervan’s security – something that the bear lock can provide. However, if your campervan still manages to go missing, you shouldn’t need to panic too much. 

Indeed, installing a bear lock on your campervan for security before taking out insurance can help ensure that you have a specific, reasonably priced and generous insurance policy to help recover or replace your campervan. In fact, in many cases, having a bear lock on your campervan is now a requirement to get an insurance policy – so it’s well worth considering as part of keeping your campervan safe overall.

Find Out More About Bear Lock Technologies Today 

If you want to learn more about bear lock technologies and how they could be a good fit for your campervan, please don’t leave things to chance! Give our team here at Theft Stop a call today; we are always happy to help keep your van safe and protected from any form of risk. If you would like to find out more, give us a call today. You can choose our team for the Bear Locks and E Joy Locks; just let us know what it is you are looking for. Whether it is a bear lock, E-joy Lock or Cargo security, we have you covered.