Campervan Renovation Safety

Why You Need To Consider Campervan Security During Your Renovation

Considering renovating your campervan, it is essential to consider the vehicle’s security during this time. Campervan security is a concern for many people who own these vehicles. 

This is because they often have high-value items parked in public places. In addition, they are meant to be used by families or groups of friends who may not be able to afford any damage or loss of their belongings.

Campervan Security Is Not Just For Operational Vans! 

Campervan security is extremely important during its renovation since many people who own these vehicles tend to keep things such as tools or other valuables inside them when they’re not using them for camping trips or other related activities.

Caravan security is an essential issue for campervan owners. The RV has many things inside and outside that need to be secured. The best way to secure your campervan would be to install a security system like a CCTV camera surveillance system or the alarm system. 

The campervan security is essential because there are some valuable things inside the van, and it also helps keep unwanted guests from entering your van.

The best way to ensure that your campervan is safe is by ensuring all its parts are correctly installed and secured. This means you should check all bolts on the vehicle and any other parts that may be loose or missing. You will also want to ensure that there are no holes in the walls or flooring that would allow someone easy access to your van.

Campervan Security Systems

How To Keep Your Campervan Safe

There are several ways that you can ensure that your campervan remains safe during campervan renovations, such as:

Installing an alarm system – An alarm system will alert you if anyone attempts to break into your vehicle while parked elsewhere. It will also help if someone breaks into your vehicle while parked at home. 

Alarm systems can be installed either externally or internally depending on what kind of access point is available in your campervans’ design.

Securing everything – When you start renovating your camper van, ensure that all furniture and other items are secure so that nobody can remove them from the vehicle without having their hands on them. 

Securing anything that could fall off or down from racks or shelves is also essential.

Lock doors – If you have left your campervan in your driveway or garage while it is being renovated, ensure that you lock all doors when you leave for the day and when you come back home at night. 

This will make it harder for someone to break into your vehicle. You can lock up tools if left outside the campervan so that anyone who wants access to them cannot get them without breaking in first.

Install CCTV camera – The campervan security system includes several components, like the CCTV camera surveillance system and an alarm system that can help you secure your campervan from burglars or other intruders. Depending on your requirements, you may use these systems together or separately. 

The CCTV cameras are small devices placed anywhere in your campervan and record everything that happens inside the van. These cameras can be connected to a monitor so that you can always see what’s happening inside your campervan. 

If anyone tries to break into your RV, he will be caught on camera, and his image will be captured by these cameras, which will help police identify him later on if needed.

Bear locks – Bear locks are designed specifically for campers and can be used to lock down your van so that no one can get inside it without the key. You can install them on all doors except the driver’s door, which should always remain open when parked (unless someone is inside). 

Bear locks are very effective at preventing break-ins since they require a unique key that only comes with the purchase of the lock itself. If anyone tries breaking into your van while parked somewhere public or private, they’ll have to break through these bear locks first before getting inside, making them more likely to give up rather than try again later when no one is around.

Do Not Leave Your Campervan Open To Risk

Security is a significant concern for most people who have a camper van. Protecting your belongings and yourself from theft, vandalism and other types of crime is essential. 

A safe environment makes it easier for you to enjoy your time in the campervan and reduces the chance that you will become a victim of theft or vandalism.

Campervan Security Protection

Choose Theft Stop To Help Protect Your Campervan

The time of year has come when many campervan owners will start renovation work and decorative work on their vans; summer is coming to an end, and all the adventures have been had. 

The cold weather fronts are coming quickly, so all the minor damages need repairing; whilst these repairs are being carried out, you do not want to leave your campervan at risk. 

Why not get in touch with one of our team members here at Theft Stop to find out how we can supply and install Bear locks, perfect for keeping your van and your belongings safe during winter and summer use?