Winter Campervan Security

Keep Your Motorhome Secure If You Are Going Away For Christmas

Many of us travel when the holiday period comes around so that we can enjoy Christmas in a new place or so that we can spend the holiday period with our friends and families. This often means that our motorhomes are left unattended for a rather long time.

Here at Theft Stop, we understand that your motorhome means a lot to you, and you’ve likely spent the winter preparing it for your summer holidays so the last thing you want is for it to be broken into. For this reason, we have created this blog so that you can keep your motorhome safe and sound throughout the holiday season.

Keep An Eye On Your Vehicle

Just because you are away from home, doesn’t mean that you can’t keep an eye on your motorhome. These days there are countless CCTV options available at all price points, from cheap indoor camera systems to more expensive multi camera systems, so no matter your budget, you can easily find a camera that works for your specific needs. You could even use a wireless camera inside your motorhome if it is parked somewhere with access to wifi and they are extremely easy to install without any wiring required.

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Motorhome Security

Does Your Choice Of Lock Matter?

You may be tempted to buy the cheapest locks to save on money, but this is a poor decision as it will be far more expensive to replace your motorhome should somebody break into it and steal it or the goods inside. A quality lock can also reduce your insurance costs, meaning that the lock can actually pay for itself over time, especially since a high-end product will last many years so that your motorhome is safe throughout multiple Christmas holiday seasons.

With a range of locks suitable for over 2500 vehicles, we have tried and tested almost every security product on the market and we strongly recommend Bear Locks and E-Joy Lock installations. With these high-end security devices, you can rest assured that your motorhome will be as secure as possible whilst you are enjoying your Christmas.

Why Is Christmas A More Dangerous Time For Your Motorhome?

Keeping your motorhome safe should be one of your top priorities all year round, however, this can be an even more important task around the Christmas holiday period. December is one of the darkest months here in the UK which gives criminals more time and opportunity to break into motorhomes, fortunately, this can be counteracted with outdoor lighting such as sensor lights.

As mentioned earlier, many of us travel when it comes to the Christmas holiday period which means that our vehicles are unattended, criminals know this and will use this to their advantage. Having a visible CCTV system can deter them as they know that you may still be watching. One of the unfortunate causes of increased crime around this time of year is the fact that many people struggle financially at Christmas which drives theft. Don’t let your motorhome be a victim of crime at Christmas, secure it properly with quality security products.

Motorhome Storage Options

Have you considered placing your motorhome in a secure storage yard? There are many facilities across the country that will charge a small amount to ensure that your campervan is safe whilst you aren’t using it. These locked yards will allow you to access your motorhome whenever you need it whilst keeping any thieves away, depending on the facility you choose, you may even be able to receive some form of compensation if your motorhome is damaged in the locked yard and having your motor home in a secure location could lower your insurance costs.

Christmas Motorhome Security

Secure Your Motorhome This Christmas

Don’t leave your motorhome vulnerable to attack this Christmas, treat yourself or a loved one to a brand-new security device. Nothing is more valuable than peace of mind and that is exactly why motorhome security is so important. You will be able to enjoy the holiday season much more knowing that your pride and joy is safe and sound when you use a lock you can trust such as the Bear Lock systems we provide here at Theft Stop.

Contact our team if you need somebody you can trust with the security of your motorhome this Christmas. We would love to provide the help you need, whether you are looking for a product, installation service or just some trustworthy advice regarding vehicle security.