Campervan Security During Winter

Keeping Your Campervan Safe This Winter

Keeping your campervan safe throughout the year is one of the most important tasks we face as camping and travelling enthusiasts. Usually, we are using our vehicles regularly which means that it can be a hassle to secure and unlock your vehicle over and over again every time we wish to head out for the weekend, however, during the winter you may not use your mobile home for months at a time meaning that you can take more substantial action.

Our team at Theft Stop have created this helpful blog so that you can keep your campervan safe throughout the colder months of the year. Take a look and see if you can learn something here, every little helps when it comes to security.

Are You Using The Right Security Methods?

Security products and techniques come in a wide range of types, the main two types of security are physical deterrents and visual deterrents. A visual deterrent is something that will make your vehicle look more difficult to steal or will make it a less attractive target. A sign telling a thief that no equipment is in the van might make them less likely to steal from your vehicle when compared to another. A physical deterrent is something that will make your vehicle harder to penetrate or move, such as a strong door lock. Some products can even work as both, such as wheel clamps.

Winter Campervan Security

Physical Deterrents

Here at Theft Stop, we understand the value of a high quality physical deterrent, for this reason, we provide a wide range of products designed to make your vehicle as difficult to access or move as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by utilising vehicle locking systems, such as steering wheel locks, pedal locks and wheel locks, these will ensure that your vehicle isn’t going anywhere, and the best part is that they can all be used together if you have the budget available. 

When it comes to winter storage, these campervan security options are perfect as you won’t have the hassle of taking them on and off, you can add as many security products as you like knowing that they will all add to your security. Your campervan will often be left for long periods of time throughout the winter too, so having beefier security will keep a thief out for much longer.

Visual Deterrents

The unfortunate downside to physical deterrents is that even if they successfully withstand an attack, they may take damage and need replacing. Visual deterrents are often the most effective, a flashing alarm or a sticker can keep a thief away from your vehicle as they have been told that there are no tools or equipment left inside and that the vehicle can be GPS tracked. 

Your campervan doesn’t always need to be impossible to break into, it just has to be harder than the other vehicles in the area as the thief will always choose the least protected vehicle. During the darker winter months, a flashing alarm light or sensor flood light may have a much greater effect than other times of the year, working to deter criminals.

Use Modern Security Technology

Technology has come a long way in recent years, so there is no reason not to use more technologically advanced systems such as GPS trackers. Whilst these trackers will not stop your vehicle from being stolen, they will make it much easier to recover with the assistance of the police. These aren’t expensive and they are simple to fit, so there is no reason not to. Having a tracker installed can even lead to cheaper insurance!


CCTV systems are ideal for keeping your motorhome or campervan safe as they allow you to check up on your vehicle. This is especially useful during the winter months as you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your warm home to check on your vehicle if you hear a noise. With advancements such as night vision, 2 way speech and motion detection, you can find the exact camera system you need.

Campervan Security

Get The Best Campervan Security Equipment This Winter

You spend a great deal of time making sure that your camper van is perfect for your holidays and weekend trips, so make sure that you put the right amount of time and money into keeping it safe. Here at Theft Stop, we provide a wide range of vehicle security products so that you can keep your vehicle perfectly safe. Speak to our team today and we will be more than happy to help you with products such as bear-locks and E-Joylocks so that you aren’t left without your pride and joy when the spring comes.